Good things come to those who wait - Nanci Rowe

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Types of Funding Available We work with hundreds of lenders to find the money you need.

Personal Loans

We work with direct personal funding loans from sources all across the country. These loans will have a set repayment structure and are the lowest total interest loans available.

Revolving Lines

These are the Holy Grail of funding lines. These lines will have the lowest payments and once they have been paid back, they can be used over and over again without re-applying.

Business Lines

Many borrowers can benefit from placing their funding in their business name. We work with lenders that do not report their credit lines to your personal credit file.

Assessments Completed

Funding Partners

Days to Funding*

6 Days

What we do Our goal is to get you funded with the highest limits and best terms available.


Our assessment allows you to have an understanding of your funding eligibility with NO damage to your credit.


Our Bank Matching Algorithm uses data from thousands of previous applicants to match you to the best lenders.


Our in house processing team means that we have the answers to your funding questions in ONE call to our offices.

No Up-Front Fees

We ONLY earn our funding fees when we get you money. Not only that, you can use the money we get for you to pay us!


Questions about our process? If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us

Direct Funding Line - 870.782.0534

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Meet the Funding Nerds The Avengers of the Funding Universe

Karen Collier
The Voice

Karen is the core of our communication department, making sure our customers are always well informed.

Karen Collier
The Voice
Nanci Rowe
The BIG Deal

Nanci Rowe is an honarary Nerd, the driving force of the program, and our liaison within the Renatus organization.

Nanci Rowe
The BIG Deal
Eric Counts
The Fearless Leader

Eric is the creative mind behind the FUNDS program and the analytical mind behind our one of a kind bank matching algorithm.

Eric Counts
The Fearless Leader
Stephanie Counts
The Matchmaker

Stephanie is the catalyst that brings all the separate parts of our funding program together.

Stephanie Counts
The Matchmaker
1. Assess

The first step is to register for a Funding Assessment.

2. Match

We then use that data to match you with the best possible lenders for your file.

3. Discuss

This is where we show our differences over other companies. We actually discuss your funding options with you.

4. Execute

At this point, we have discussed your plan and decided the best way for you to move forward. Our job is to execute that plan as quickly as possible.

5. Fund

What's great is that you haven't paid a dime at this point. We charge no fees until we actually get you funding. It is only then that we charge a 9.99% fee of the amount you receive.

Don't Wait... Start Now We are here to get you the funds you need to succeed.

Get Started Now was built out of necessity.

Most companies are started by someone with a great idea for a service or product, or maybe an amazing new invention. is different. We were built out of the necessity to provide a service to Renatus students.

Eric Counts and Nanci Rowe began looking for exciting new ways to help people fund their Renatus education. Along that road there were many bumps, especially big companies looking to make excessive fees from the students we were looking to help fund. However, if you know anything about Eric or Nanci, you would already know that they never gave up.

After working with several companies trying to make something fit, they finally decided that there was no company out there that truly cared for or understood the Renatus community quite like the Credit Nerds at Eric and his team know the needs of the Renatus nation. They know our people. They know our "Framily".

Nanci and Eric have finally found that company they were looking for with the crazy part is it was right in front of them the whole time. From now on... is powered only by the amazing team at

Our most common questions

What type of credit score do I need to qualify?

There is NO MINIMUM Credit score required to apply. While some of our programs have minimum credit requirement others do not, and rely on non-credit factors such as income to base your approval.

Will there be any “Hard Pulls” against my personal credit report using this program?

The assessment process uses a “soft” inquiry that does not affect your score in any way. However, once we match you to the proper funding program you could see “hard” inquiries at that time.

If I qualify for business funding, can I use my existing EIN number for the loan process?

Absolutely, in fact this is how we would mostly likely suggest that you move forward.

How do you determine if I qualify for business funding or personal funding?

The determination is based upon multiple factors such as credit history, debt, and income. Each lender has their own criteria so we work on your behalf to match you will the best possible lenders to help you reach your goals in the most effective way possible.

Am I just getting one big loan or will there be several loans and banks involved?

We have multiple programs to help you fund your renatus education. Some programs will have one loan, while others will involve multiple loans or lines of credit. The specifics of the program you are matched with will be discussed in full before you make your final decision to move forward.

What type of interest rate will I get?

We deal with multiple lenders and types of loans. Some of our programs have interest rates as low at zero percent. While other programs may have less than favorable terms. Like mentioned in previous question, the specifics of any program you are matched with will be discussed in full before you make your final decision to move forward.

How long will it take before I receive my funds?

You might start to notice a pattern in these answers, but we work with many different lenders and programs. Some programs will fund in little as two to three days, while larger loans could take two to three weeks to receive funds. Please be sure to set your expectations accurately and understand that while this is a very simple and quick process, you should anticipate the full amount of time before the actual funding takes place. Both you and your mentor will have access to the F.U.N.D.S. platform to track your loan status in real time.

Programs built to fit anyone

6 months same as cash

Our six month same as cash program is built for people with less than perfect credit files. It allows up to six months to pay with no interest.

Credit Lines

The most versatile of all our options. These lines will have the best options available including up to 18 months at 0%.

Personal Loans

Personal credit based signature loans can be a great fit for those who may already be over extended with revolving debt.

Business Lines

Many business owners will find the ability to put the credit lines in their business name will help keep their personal credit clear.

Short Term Loans

We are very honest with our customers. They may help you reach your goals, but should only be used when you have a clear plan for payback.

Peer to Peer

We work with many peer to peer lending sources that allow private investors to help you fund your Renatus education.

Funding Fees

You pay only a one-time fee of 9.99% of funding received.
  • Excellent Customer Support with our in-house funding team.

  • Online Process Tracking with our FUNDS customer portal.

  • Mathematic Bank Matching for the BEST results in the industry.

  • You pay only for the funding amounts we are able to get for you.

With NO UPFRONT fees, our service allows you to fund your Renatus education with truly no risk. If we aren't able to find you funding, then you don't pay anything. It's that simple.

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